More about Us:


Sol Tech Solutions was founded in 2012 sitting around a table we all decided to see what we could do when it came to us Sourcing and trying to attack the market with Coal, we started out on a goose chase that landed us all scratching our heads everyday due to the challenges that we all experienced when it came to Sourcing the right suppliers and products, There was a stage that we were taken from one side of South Africa to the next till we stared focusing on direct supply than that of going via all the so called agents that can and try to supply coal. We then where taken on a road that lead us to get in contact with a few of the leading mines which supply coal in Witbank and surrounding arias, It was only then did we start making the right choices and securing Coal from a direct sources, we are proud to say that we have come a long way from when we started from having joint contracts with mines to having joint contracts to supply export coal from RBCT, we can now supply our clients with good quality when it comes to local and export coal.

Sol Tech Solutions and its  hard working force will always try to source the right supply for our clients making sure that we our self-have not only seen to quality but made sure of what we are selling to our clients, we always try our best to make sure that our clients will get what they ask for. We also strive to make sure that when we commit to a contract that we can not only supply but make sure we can supply from more than one mine or company, our clients always come first in our eyes.


Sol Tech Solutions is also expanding it views when it comes to the local commodities that we can source and secure, We at Sol Tech Solutions hold mandates with certain supply houses and therefore can guaranty the supply we offer, we however do strive for excellence and supply. 


Board of Directors:

L.A.C de Freitas

A.C de Freitas

J.D Dansie